Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 3: Easy Peasy.

Arms & Shoulders was a breeze compared to Plyometrics and Chest & Back. I found myself starting an exercise with blue bands (the medium ones) and progressing up to black bands (med-hard). In a 1 case I even went to red (hardest). Overall the workout was good. I felt motivated, I think dumbbells here would be a huge advantage. The people in the videos were doing well above 25lbs for some of the workouts, I think eventually I will probably want to do that too. I think towards the end of the 90 days the bands will be a limitation, but I'll stick with it.

Also, yesterday after work, I was able to put in a 3mile run with a couple small exercises thrown in at the gym. I definitely felt it a lot more now that I'm working out twice a day and eating 0-carbs. Speaking of zero carbs, it's very strange. Even after I eat, I still kinda feel hungry. There is no satisfaction feeling in my stomach when I'm done eating a big bowl of egg-whites or a lunch comprised 100% of veggies and tuna. If being slightly hungry all the time is what it takes to lose significant mid-section fat, I'm going to continue doing it. But I just want to confess to the world, that it is a strange feeling. I will continue to keep it up.

BONUS! This time I was almost able to compete with the Ab ripperX program (albiet with some form inconsistancies). Infact the only exercise I had to take a break on was the bicycle and only because Tony is a douche and makes you do 25 forward, then 25 backwards. Either way, I failed on the reverse section. But I did manage to make it through all 40 mason (Russian) twists plus his extra 7 he tacks on at the end making it a whopping 47 twists... did I mention Tony's a douche?

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