Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 11+ KenpoX to be Axed?

Before I get to today's workout plans, I just need to talk about yesterday's Legs&Back workout. HOLY COW. I did it at the gym and man-o-manchevits (and you thought I wouldn't be quoting Tony anymore) was it TOUGH! I did more pullups/chinups than ever before. I added curls to all the lunge sequences and half the time I was wondering if I should stop and let my body catch up or keep going to get it over with. I found that minute or two breaks were the key to making it through. Plus I saw some PSYCHO-LADY at the gym doing leg-raises (the ab kind) on the dip machine, but once her legs were raised she turned it into heels to he heavens. Not only did it look absolutely dreadful, but it looked physically impossible.

Oh well, back to today... Parents are arriving at 2:45pm, which means I get to leave work a bit early to go pick them up (YEAH!). But it also means I probably wont have any time this afternoon to do KenpoX. I guess I could have gotten up early and done Kenpo before I left for work... but there's a problem with that too. I just started played the Starcraft 2 Beta on my friend's account and I was up until 11 playing 2 rounds which I got absolutely annihilated. Everyone's a newb once right?

So we'll see. Perhaps my parents will be interested in knowing what I have been doing for the past 120+ days and will do Kenpo with me or watch me do it... but as far as I can tell at this point, Kenpo is going to be axed.

Tomorrow is rest day, Sunday is Upper and Monday is Plyo. And my parents leave Monday, mid-day. So I might lose 1 additional exercise.


  1. do the best you can & you look amazing. I can't wait to hear their reactions to your changes. Have a good time with them!

  2. Show off what you've got to your parents..I'm sure they'll be amazed :D Enjoy your time with them.