Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 25: StretchX

So this morning I bargained with myself... stay in bed for an extra 1.5hours of sleep, or wake up and do (in my opinion) the slowest, most boring of the P90X workouts, X-stretch. Needless to say, sleep won: 10million braincells to 1. I enjoyed my extra sleep and will complete stretchX after I come home from work.

I feel like running today. Perhaps a nice 5k run will get me motivated this afternoon. Looking back at the past 3 weeks. I honestly thought it would be difficult to lose 10lbs (from 168 to 158). But in hind-sight, it was pretty easy. I definitely look and feel leaner, I haven't built much muscle yet, but that's what phase 2 & 3 are for.

For anyone looking to lose 5-15lbs (depending on your starting weight)... perhaps Phase1 of P90X is for you. I only have 3 days left in Phase 1 and if I wasn't motivated by ambitions to get some muscle mass, I'd be content with the results thus far, especially considering I've been 165-170lbs for as long as I can remember.

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