Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 46: YogaX

"If you don't have a yoga block you can use a cat or dog." -Tony Horton- YogaX

YogaX still is my least favorite workout of the P90X routine... again, it's the length. I doubt it would be such a problem if I performed the workouts in the afternoon, or if yoga fell on a weekend... but because it's always before work, I always cut the end off and struggle to wake up.

Last night I had Pad-Thai. Definitely not a part of beach's ladder (or the P90X diet)... but it was fantastic.

I'm giving another round of apheresis today, so hopefully I wont have any problems performing Legs&Back tomorrow. My biggest fear would be that I have bruised arms or sore arms, where they stick the needles. That would force me to not want to do the pull-up exercises. But the last couple times I have been fortunate enough to experience no post-donation discomfort.

Also, in the past month or so, I have been having (what I will call) morning allergies. When I wake up my eyes burn, as if they have soap in them, and then my nose runs. Relating this back to my P90X blog, this burning happens during the videos and I'm wondering what could be the cause & solution to the problem. It could be my new bedsheets (which I did not wash prior to putting them on my bed), it could be Spring-time allergies I've never notice or had before, it could be my contacts, it could be something in my house (dust/etc.)

I'll see what I can find on google and attempt to fix the problem. I hate closing my eyes for the first 20mins of the workouts - but it's necessary.

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