Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 9: BirthdayX

3/22/2010 is my 27th birthday! Hooray, I'm old.

Now that we have that under our belt, let's talk about this morning's Plyometrics! I feel great. I survived and actually thrived in some cases! Not once did I assist myself by putting my hands on my knees during lunges/squats! That's a personal improvement I really wanted (and needed) to make. I dug really deep today and was dripping in sweat.

This week is also going to be a challenging week at work. I had a morning conference with Spain at 8:00am, but each day following today, I'll be working 10+hours to get my remote testing done. Hopefully that won't put a hamper on my workouts.

And if only to make things even more challenging, I've already had to pass up cake twice! And likely a 3rd time tonight. Man-oh-man, and I thought the workouts were tough, try saying no to cake and icecream. I'd put it right up there with finding $100.00 on the ground and reporting it missing instead of pocketing it.

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