Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 97: KenpoX

"That's strength, that's flexibility, it's the whole friggen' 9-yards." -Tony Horton- Legs&Back

I think I am going to have to post a "Tony's Quotes" post. I'm realizing that by posting one a day, they are losing any kind of organizational quality. I think the next time I have some free-time at work, I'll try to put them together nicely into categories (or by video) and give everyone a nice bank of Tony quotes to work with. Feel free to add any quotes I haven't yet posted in the comments section, I'll add it to the list.

147.5lbs today, no changes from earlier this week. I do find I can see a six-pack sneaking its way out (about time too, program's almost over). I figure I have 1 more regular week and 1 rest-week left. Perhaps I'll throw in some ab-ripper-X's on my last rest week to finalize any definition down there.

The whole backpack thing is working well. My numbers are way down, but it's super hard. Legs&Back is always challenging, but adding 25lbs really takes it up a notch. I 'll be taking pictures tomorrow, hopefully they'll be good!

Father's day this weekend. I won't be going home to see him, but I've sent him a gift certificate to the Store de Liquor. So hopefully that is well received.

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