Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 52:C/S/T

I still haven't kicked the work-coffee habit that spawned a few weeks ago. Ever since I've been having a coffee or two a day in the office. It's not killing me, but I feel it's not right. I don't put any sugar/milk in it... it's just that I'm trying to be habitual about drinking water and the coffee just ruins that whole aura - even if it's not doing any "harm" persay. Don't worry, it makes sense in my head. And what's really perplexing, I don't even ENJOY the coffee here at work, it's absolutely horrid.

The joys of making sesnse!

Update on my friend Jake, who has failed at blogging, yet again... Has gotten back on the bandwagon with two recruits to P90X. Turns out with all the moves he's been going through, work and home, he's put fitness on the side-lines. Well, I guess his new building has a big open gym in it and they're asking for suggestions and some of his co-workers are getting "wall-to-wall" chin-up bars specifically for P90X. Should spark some interest back into his fitness program. Weither or not he'll be back to the blog world, I have no idea.

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