Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 66+ Crazy Mixed up Workout!

Sorry for missing two posts (Tuesday + Wednesday) I have been pretty busy at work, and I usually make posts first thing in the mornings. I still went to the gym, I still did P90X, and I still have been 100% back on track (except for the blood donation - but that's always thrown me off).

Today I have a friend working out with me, who isn't exactly PLYO-X ready, so to speak. So I plan on doing a crazy mixed up grab-bag style workout from all sorts of different P90X exercise videos. We'll see how it goes. I plan on making them rapid-fire style get you exhausted, sweating bullets, "can we please stop now!" style...I'm sure Tony would approve.

My kitchen is nearing completion, which is good because I have visitors coming this weekend. I hope everything will be in order by Friday when they arrive.

I really need to confess my love for Creatine Monohydrate. It's so easy to take every morning, it's tasteless, and I am almost 100% positive it's working. I just look more cut, slightly larger, and generally perform better at the gym while taking it. I also get this placebo effect that tells me "You already paid for the stuff, and you're taking it every day, you need to do extra good work at the gym and get your money out of it" which is a huge bonus also.

I haven't taken Jack3D in a while. Perhaps I'll get back onto that in a bit. I was worried about the caffeine and the creatine. Considering one is an anti-diuretic and the other is a diuretic - you figure their contributions might cancel eachother.

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