Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 61+ Chest/Back

Pulling out all the stops... finally looks like I'll be putting in a full week of exercising! Something I haven't done in a while! It feels good. I feel good. Everything seems to be in order. Nothing major to report except that yesterday's numbers were significantly less than a few weeks ago (recalling I've missed some days/weeks in the recent past). My blog seems to be a bit scatter brained. There isn't much focus or goal here. I've read some REALLY good blogs from some other P90Xers and Fitness Folks, and I'm very impressed by their linearity! How they can migrate from one topic to the other - where as I write typically about whatever comes to my mind the second I'm writing it. Perhaps it's more genuine? But I'm sure it makes reading multiple posts in a row a nightmare!

I've got a few people at the gym working out with me now. Mostly co-workers who go to the gym with me. I won't name names, but I don't think one of them is cut out for the routines. I tried to show them how to do pushups and I don't think this person has ever done a pushup in their life! It was so abysmal I was shocked. In short, it was more of a rocking motion from front/back on hands+knees. Not good. I tried to explain the importance of bending at the elbow and lowering your whole body to the floor... it just didn't happen. It's okay though, I know everyone has their own level of fitness and capabilities. So perhaps over time they'll start piecing it together... I won't throw in the towel on anyone who's actively trying to get healthy (or in shape). In fact I probably won't let them give up!! (and everyone who knows me in the real world will absolutely agree to that).

I've finished my "loading" phase of creatine. Which means next week (and the following 2 after that) I'll reduce the intake to just a single 5g scoop every day instead of two. I really think, of all the items I've taken the creatine is the most effective, and I've only used it for a month and a half now (and two of those weeks I was off). It's also very in-expensive. $20 gets you a container that easily lasts 3-4 months. I'm not even 1/3rd the way through mine yet.

Okay time to work! I weighed in last night at 151lbs (which means I probably weighed less than 150lbs this morning), but I didn't check.

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