Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 71+ Arms/Shoulders

I have been terrible with the posts, but I assure you I am doing more physical activity that even I can possibly imagine. There are now TWO people from work, who I am working out with / training at the gym. It's not exactly P90X every day... some days it's straight out of the book, others it's my own personal concoction and other days it's a hybrid.

Take yesterday for example. I worked out a 14 exercise circuit. 50 seconds of an ezercise, followed by 10sec to set up the next... takes approximately 14mins to cycle through one, and we did three! I was so tired at the end I thought I would pass out. I obviously adjusted the weights accordingly for my pupils, as they can't squat with 40lbs on their shoulders for 1 minute straight, nore do regular decline pushups... so all said and done, I had three very distinct difficulty levels. But doing it with them (unlike most trainners who stand around and watch) gives me a more solid idea of how much energy a workout takes.

Today is just a straight out of the book P90X workout. I always try to get in at least 2 or 3 per week. as to not lose touch with my awesome pullup numbers, which have actually dropped a bit. I was doing about 30-35 now I'm in the upper 20's, but most times I now add legs-up (for the abs).

Work has been really busy so my post count has gone way way down, and I havent updated my link-calendar in about 2 weeks. FOR SHAME FOR SHAME!

Okay I'm about to go hit the gym.

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