Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 60+ 2/3rds the way there


The final phase!

The big cheese!

Naw, it's just another day. But it reminds me I should take day 60 photos and post them on the site, I know everyone just loves to see me in my poster-boy pose. Haha. Okay enough pumping mysef up, I'll actually talk about something I have failed to really mention.

What happened to Plyo and Yoga? For the people who read my blog regularly, you've probably noticed that I haven't had (for example) Day 55 PlyoX or Day 57 YogaX as any titles. And I've done that in such a way to help bulk up. I gott way too skinny on P90X, and I was pretty normal sized to begin with. So eliminated Plyo and Yoga have given me the opportunity to substitute additional weight lifting/body weight workouts (mainly chest/back, legs/back, back/bicep, C/S/T, and arms/shoulders). I have noticed a slight increase in bulk and I'm still doing the diet, just not in seperate phases. I'm just watching the protein/carb ratio and sticking with what I would call phase 2 diet.

Speaking of diet, I have been reading 's blog and I'm intriqued by the PALEOLITHIC diet "eating like a caveman" nuts, berries, dried fruits, meats, eggs, veggies and basically no carbs. I'm 85% there already with my decreased carb intake, but I'd have to give up some of my packaged food items like powerbars and yogurt. I'm tempted to give it a try and see how I do... I won't write a big long post like the guy at fitbomb did (which was awesome by the way, I highly suggest everyone reads it)... but I might give it a shot either for this last phase of when my 2nd round is over.

Arms/Shoulders today! Weighed in at 150lbs.

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  1. Wow you did bulk up a bit compare to the previous pic. :D Are you going to bulk up more or maintain it and get it more sculpted instead? So bummer that I injured my lower back (not even sure how) that I have to decrease my exercise intensity. :( Just in time when I started to see more definition on my arms and abs...

    Anyway, I also read fitbomb Paleo diet thing...somewhat I still can't justify myself to cut off carbs from whole grains completely. I still love to have oats and toasts as my bfast :D But I agree, that fitbomb guy is awesome!