Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 17: Tip of the day "Don't smash your face"

Yesterday I resisted yet another cake! Boy, it's hard to turn down fun-fetti vanilla cake. When 90 days are over I'm going to spend a weekend in a bakery shoving my face full of deliciousness.

The workout this morning was excellent. I took out all the stops and used my red bands (the 30lb ones) almost exclusively. The only two exercises I did not use the red bands were the in-and-out straight shoulder raises and the flip-grip-twist kickbacks. For those I used black bands (25lbs). Overall I feel really good, and I definitely worked harder today than I have in other weeks.

Also, a little "F-you" to Tony Horton... During the Side-tri-rise (the last exercise), Dreya Webber does 24 on her right side. Tony gets a little pissed that she did more than him, so he does 25 right as the timer buzzes. And says "If any of you do 26, I'm coming to your house." Well Tony, the key's under the doormat, whenever you wanna visit. BOO YA! 26 sucker, both sides!

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