Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 7+ Chest and Back

This week I was supposed to begin the P90X+ program. Okay, I'm a big stinking liar (I'm not really stinky). I thought the schedule would work out in such a way that I could begin doing the Upper/Abs workout today, but alas I am wrong! So today I will just be doing Chest and Back. Tomorrow I will continue with Plyo and the regular P90X workouts. My apologies for guiding you astray!

However, I DO plan on getting the P90X+ program started ASAP. I just have some schedule conflicts this week because my parents are visiting over the weekend (lots of cleaning and house-preparations required).

Today will be my first workout where I take JACK3D before hand. I am a bit nervous. The stuff seems pretty potent. The warning label is larger than the rest of the packaging. You must be 18 years old to consume, don't take 3hrs before bed, don't take more than 1 scoop if you weight less than 125lbs, don't take if you have heart problems, don't take if you are easily affected by caffeine, don't take more than 3 scoops in any one 24hr period, don't snort JACK3D, don't smoke JACK3D, don't take while doing a cartwheel, don't feed it to your cat. Okay, I made some of those last ones up, but still! I'm having a scoop today before my workout. I bet I'll be wired the rest of the month.


  1. Ah parents coming, house cleaning, sound just what I had to do a couple months back. Anyway, that JACK3D stuff has a lot of restrictions stuff..

  2. The warnings cracked me up... Should we start expecting posts at all hours now? :)

  3. What's up man?


    I've been absolutely awful with working out, time to get back into it. Your picture on the right looks amazing, way to be. Hopefully you can keep ME motivated this time. You're a week or so ahead of me during the new round. Keep it up!