Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 16+ Apheresis (no workout)

Wednesday... always a potential that I'll be donating blood. Looks like today, after work, I will be hitting the apheresis clinic again. This means I will lose today's workout, and depending on how it all goes, I might lose tomorrow's also. At least on the bright side is this is happening on Yoga-Day, which makes the whole experience that much better. I'd be pissed if I lost a legs&back day or chest&arms.

P90X+ is brutal. Monday and Tuesday I did the "PLUS" workouts and holy cow. 90 seconds of Sphinx pushups!? 60 seconds of in and out shoulder flies!? Then 90 seconds of L-chinups!? Whoa! It's not a stroll in the park.

Turns out that there are only 2-Kids in the videos though. Traci Morrow and Mark Briggs. Both are absolutely jacked and ready to kick-some-ass. And the Ab-Plus routine is brutally long (25mins) and you have to record how many reps you do - which makes it even more a pain in the ass fumbling around trying to find your workout sheet, completely exhausted.

Everyone should check out Jaked's new background we whipped up yesterday, it's a pretty nice Tony collage for the world:

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