Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 15+ Upper and Abs Plus

Have you ever had a bad fitness weekend? Ever spend the weekend eating junk food for meals and snack regularly in between? Ever skip 3 days worth of exercises in a row? Ever gain 4lbs in 3 days? Ever drink soda and alcohol instead of water and protein shakes?

If you've said "Yes" to any of those questions above - congratulations, you're human. If you've said "Yes" to all of them, welcome to my world.

Parents were up, we ate, we drank, we relaxed, we partied, we certainly didn't work out. I think the biggest contribution to my miserable state was the soda/alcohol that I heavily consumed. Oh rum and coke, why are you so delicious? And why are you even more delicious immediately following a couple slices of pizza and wings?

On the bright side, I do plan to be right back up on my horse! Yesterday, after they left I was able to do my workout and plan to do more today - tomorrow - and the next day. I just know looming out in the not so distant future is the cottage weekend, which will be another large upset in the routine. (Crossing my fingers I'll be better during that one).

1 comment:

  1. How could you gain 4lbs in 3 days?? Might be just some water weight. Anyway, welcome back! :D At least you got to spend some good times with your parents.