Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 54: YogaX (to be missed)

"Yoga-belly-seven-time" -Tony Horton- P90X

So, I'm actually starting to feel pretty good! I woke up this morning without a sore throat for the first time in about 5 days. That's a huge improvement! However, I was up late last night playing video games... some of my readers of this blog may be partially responsible for that (the guilty know who they are). But that's okay, I had fun.

But, tonight I will very likely FAIL to complete YogaX. As I have company arriving from the Granite State (NH). So, I don't want to enlist them when there are plenty of things for us to do and things they'll want to see. So chances are I will do YogaX as a "tack-on" exercise at the end of my Phase 3, like I planned on doing with some of the other rest-week exercises from earlier in the week.

Just so I remember what I've missed:
Sunday: Yogax
Monday: Core Synergistics
Friday: YogaX

I'll still hopefully post a picture on Saturday... that shouldn't consume too much time (especially if I do it in the morning).

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