Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 74: YogaX

"You should feel this in your shoulders and biceps... I know I do" -Tony Horton- YogaX

Wow, yoga felt good today. I actually completed the ohms and silly corpse pose at the end. I had a lot of energy and excitement getting up ontime and putting in a solid hour and a half of yogaX. Who would have thought?

So I'll save you all the trouble of having to figure out how many pushups we do in YogaX... it's 27 (if you do the few extra that Tony decides not to do). I really thought it was going to be more than that, because by the 25th or so, you're thinking "My poor arms from all these vinyasas!"

Good day, or at least the start is very good. Tomorrow I'm going to move my chinup bar back into position and get ready for Legs and Back... the one exercise that has so many Tony quotes in it, it makes my head spin.

On mornings that I don't have time to cook eggwhites, I eat a power bar on the way to work... Originally I bashed powerbars for having too many carbs, but now that I am in phase 3, I don't think that should be a problem. I believe 1 bar has 11% carbs for the day. I still keep the carb-count low, but I'm not as strict as I was in phase 1 or 2 (being basically 0% carbs with the exception of my yogurt and apple).

Okay so here's some insight I obtained from The Biggest Loser (of all places). I don't watch the show...I heard the winner weighed in at 257lbs - after losing more than 50% of his body weight (do the math - that was one hefty fellah). But I heard on the radio that some of the contestants, once the cameras are off, return back to their normal size/shape. So I think, in the back of my mind, it's absolutely necessary to continue with my eating habits and exercise habits to ensure I don't just grow back to my plain-self. Which potentially means round 2, 3, 4? Who knows. It might be a bit early to declare my devotion to a 2nd round, since I still have almost 5 weeks left... but you know what - it's good for me. The key to good fitness is not entirely the program you're on so much as being disciplined and STICKING TO THE PROGRAM! So that's what I'm going to do, even after it is over.

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  1. My hubby and i have been doing it together, with no plans to stop, ever. We figure its better to do the workouts 4 or 5 times a week FOREVER than to do them once a day and stop after 90 days.