Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 85: Plyometrics

"Scotty Fifer on the bands, he's the one man band-man." -Tony Horton- Chest&Back

Worked out over the weekend using my Backpack. I kept the weight at 20lbs. A couple of conclusions can be made:

1. Jumping Jacks DO NOT HAPPEN with a backpack on - the books bounce around way too much and it throws off your timing.

2. Wear a shirt. It would seem that the shoulder straps really dig into your bare-sweaty skin and hurts quite a bit.

3. When I do pull ups with the backpack, I do about the same as I was able to do in earlier weeks. Which makes me wonder how much "stronger" I really am.

4. Kenpo is difficult to "Hit with your hip and your body" when you're sloshing around a few extra pounds behind you. I think for it to be effective I'd have to really balance out the weight front/back.

5. I'm going to continue the backpack through Plyometrics this afternoon, I hope it goes okay.

6. Still haven't figured out what I'm going to do to increase the difficulty of Ab-ripperX. I couldn't put a book on my chest. Too many moves require your hands, and some of the moves are with your back on the mat anyway. I'll need to be creative.

My arms REALLY feel the extra weight when I do any pull-ups. I highly suggest adding extra weight to anyone who has lost more than about 10lbs. And with the warmer and more humid afternoons, I am sweating more and more during each exercise. It's getting pretty gross.

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  1. Have you tried to do Ab Ripper X in reverse order? Start from Mason's Twist and go backward from there. Also take less break. Keep doing from one to another move with no break until you feel like you have to take it. It works in some ways for me.

    And I do agree with this warmer weather, I sweat a lot more than usual..even before starting the workout I already feel I'm going to sweat....yeah kinda gross but that makes us feel we work hard, right?