Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 55+ Weekend's over

Happy day after Labor Day everyone. I'm a bit surprised that I am as cheerful as I am considering I spent the early part of my weekend completely plastered and the latter half recovering. Plus, my kitten left a present on my comforter while I was gone and it's Tuesday and I'm back in the office. HOORAY *while shaking head*

I had a good time at the bachelor party, the most memorable part was the part I can remember - my arrival. The rest is sorta a half-hazy, half exhausted, half piecewise mesh of stories people were telling me. For example: "OH MY GOD CARL, do you remember drawing on Jim's passed-out face last night?" "Uh... no..." "You did it right after you were passing around the Jack Daniels and everyone was taking hits, you took like 4! You're a champ!"

So basically the only stories I know were the ones that people told me after the fact. Supposedly there are pictures and videos. We'll see how that goes. I do know that the rafting was fun! We got matched up with a bus of kids from Ithica College - I think it was all the RA's but we really didn't talk to them since we had our own boat (Get on the boat...the bachelor boat. Get on the bachelor boat). We got the oldest most experienced raft-guide. He was hilarious. He let us do crazy stuff like wrestle, swim, horseplay, he even went to get us beer when we finished, what a guy!

Overall a pretty smashin' weekend. Definitely not something I could do every weekend, but once a year or twice a year, definitely worth it.

UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME... not going to be able to hit the gym today. I need to help the bride+groom bring items to their reception hall for setup and then going out for dinner afterwords, leaving me without sufficient time for the gym. I'll be there tomorrow though with bells on.

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  1. Seems like you had TONS OF FUN at the bachelor party. Did you guys go to Vegas??