Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 63+ Apheresis

I won't be working out today, because this afternoon I will be donating platelets at the Red-Cross donation center. I am proud to say my kitchen rework is 90% complete, the only part that remains is painting the trim and putting it back up. Otherwise, it's OVER! (Personal victory).

I weighed in this morning about 2lbs heavier than normal 153.0lbs. I bet it had to do with the Buffalo Chop House dinner I had on Saturday night. That meal was a beast! 32oz steak + asparagus/holindaise sauce + button mushrooms + dessert. To be honest, it was absolutely fantastic. I wish I could eat that every night. But at the cost of gaining 2lbs a weekend, I think I'd have to pass.

No other major news for now.

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