Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FEB 1st! Best holiday of the year!

Another donation day, yesterday. This was a great month to give blood. I should have been tooting my horn, trying to get people to donate to the red-cross, because January was give a pint get a lb month! Where if you donate a pint (of any blood product - whole blood, platelets, plasma, double-red) you get a lb of dunkin' donuts coffee! I know it sounds superficial and materialistic of me to donate blood because I get goodies, but it's so easy! Everyone should do it!

Either way this is my 2nd lb bag of coffee this month :-D I really enjoy having it in the house - not really for myself, as I'm not a big morning coffee drinker... but in the event I have guests, I have delicious coffee for them to consume and it's basically free. (I had to drive to the donor center).

But guess what glorious day it is today? Did you say Feb 1st!? That's correct. If you're wondering what's so special about February first... if you haven't yet been to the gym today, then perhaps you are unaware that today is the official "I'm done with my new-year's resolution day" which means the gym that I go to, which for the past month has looked like this:

Is now starting to look at lot more like this:

With the exception that there really isn't any football on the TV's anymore except for this weekend - which happens to be the superbowl. On a side note, that 2nd picture is actually MY gym! So I hope that my workout today resembles that photo in more ways than just it being empty!

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