Friday, January 28, 2011

Over a month without any posts!

Hello! Oh how long it's been since my last entry. Well - just to keep you updated I have been heavily working on gaining weight. Part of my absence can be attributed to forums which have consumed much of my free time. Learning a lot about getting bigger!

My weight hasn't gone up dramatically since my last weigh in. I am about 156ish lbs and some people at the gym have mentioned that I am getting bigger arms/chest. Perhaps I shall take some photos to give myself some progression since my last photo was taken some time in October! GOODNESS, that seems like so long ago!

I have been focusing on weighted pullups/chinups. I have joined the 1million pullup challenge by 2012. I'll post a link to this thread sometime in the near future. We're currently at 19,000 in total... I think I contributed maybe 300-400ish already. We have a long way to go, but I like the challenge and hopefully will convince some people to join in the fun.

The kind of weight I am using for pullups has gone way up since my last post. I am able to do 65lb dangled between my legs for 3-5 pullups, or for a more consistent set I can do 45lbs 10times. This is my typical go-to, but often leaves me sore for multiple days.

I am eating a bit more as the P90X diet is quite restricting, and I think was one of my major set-backs in muscle growth. I'm now eating approximately 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates (230g/230g respectively) about 2000calories, maybe a bit more once you include fats.

Hopefully this will be the return of me to blogging - I can't promise anything yet, but as for what's to come, I plan on doing a 3rd classic round of P90X around spring-time to prepare for summer. I really enjoyed the way P90X gets one's self really lean, so I think that will be a nice fine-tuning come summer time.

I'd like to think everyone is sticking to their goals and putting forth a good effort when it comes to fitness goals, as it's still January... I presume most people are still working off holiday woes or filled with visions of sculpted figures for new years!

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