Friday, February 11, 2011

Full Blown Angie

Ever heard of an Angie? Me either, until I tried to look up a respectable time for 100/100 pullups/pushups. Turns out there isn't any real metric to measure your level of fitness based off how fast you can riffle off 100pullups and 100pushups (in any order your mind can come up with). I found it easiest to do 10pullups followed by 10pushups, rest for a few seconds, then hammer out some more.

I did this style workout on Wednesday. I was able to clock a pretty respectable time (I think) of 11minutes 43 seconds. But in my process of looking up this 100/100 routine - popularized by Brett, the blogger - I found a cross-fit exercise called "The Angie" Named after some woman named Angie I guess, but it's 100pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats. It looks like anything Sub 20minutes is a good time. With much exhaustion I was able to finish my Angie in 16min 53 seconds, which I thought was amazing. Turns out there are people in the cross-fit world that so sub 10minute, which blows my mind. That's less than 1.5sec reps (on average) and trust me, there's a lot of huffing + puffing towards the end of each set.


  1. Hey, I have heard of those before, its a CFX thing.

    There is this workout called the FRAN, where you have to do Pull ups and than squats with a weigh bar (I am unsure of the weight on it).I wonder how these people come up the names.

    But hey doing 100 pull ups thats impressive.

  2. they have an app in the itunes store now panda 90x its great you should check it out