Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Did any of your superbowls end with a pushup competition? Probably not. Most people took yesterday to be a time to eat lots of potato chips, pizza, wings... then wash it down with beer then questionably drive home when the game's over. We really need to break these habits people. Even if it's "One day this month" or "My cheat day" we really need to erase these phrases from our mind. Cheat? Cheating who!? YOURSELF!

Hopefully you did better than most on Sunday and you brought a veggie platter or drank water or at the worst had a reasonable dinner before leaving your house and skipped a lot of the snacks. Yes it's fun to get together and enjoy a good sporting game, but does it really have to come at the cost of all the hard work you've been doing? Next time you're going to a party ask yourself that question. I bet you'll eat a few less Chicken Wings if you're conscious about what you're doing.

Aside from that... Congratulations to the Packers! You're the champions!

Keep up the good work everyone! I know it's just one day, try not to let it throw you off course!

(for the record I won the pushup competition 78 straight up - granted a few people looked like they might puke due to alcoholic consumption - another reason to lay off the sauce)

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