Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Urge to shoot rising...

Don't be alarmed anyone, I don't mean shoot a gun! I mean snap a photo of myself. It's been ages since I've had the opportunity to present myself to anyone reading out in internet-land. I truely believe that ofter the past few months I have been able to gain some meaningful muscle mas (maybe 4-5lbs). I know it's not an earth shattering achievement - but I'm semi proud of it. The road ahead will involve more bulking followed by a strict lean phase, to hopefully get me in the best shape I've ever been!

Yesterday I hammered out 152 pullups/chinups. Quite possibly a personal best, I'd have to check my P90X sheets to confirm or deny this feat. Overall it feels pretty good! Since my arms/back are pretty sore today, I'll probably lay off the pullups. I might do just a handful so I have a reason to post on the million pullups page. Aside from that, I just wanna heal up and put in another solid workout later this week.

My Piano restoration is nearing completion. I'm just one polyurethane coat away from perfection. If anyone ever offers you a free piano and it's in decent musical condition - I'd suggest considering it. If it's a little rough around the edges, a few weekends and about $75 spent at home depot will put a nice new look on the piano and you'll be feeling great about your aquired furniture (make sure you have 3-4 strong people with you... pianos weigh like 400+lbs).

Geatin' ready for the gym! Later people!

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