Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yesterday Snow-fail

Hyped up about a snow storm? Well from my experience... don't be! Everytime the news/weather channels hype up a snow storm saying catostrophic things will soon be coming your way and you'll be buried under 4' of snow... chances are you'll get a light dusting and maybe a few inches of wintery precipitation. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday.

Tuesday night was talk of doom and gloom, and that all schools in the immediate area were already closed for Wednesday. So in my preparation for the storm of the century, I brought my laptop home with me and planned to work from home. I woke up Wednesday morning to some light flakes coming down and about an inch of fresh snow on my driveway. Promptly removed it and wondered what all the hype and commotion was all about.

From now on - I do not want to trust the weather channel/news regarding wintery conditions. I'll use my own judgement. Or perhaps not let the hype get to me. Ad for fitness - Today will be weighted pullups. I'm not sure if I will go with my standard 40lb weighted pullups or up the ante to say 60ish lbs. We'll play it by ear. The intent is to alternate between Pullups, situps, Pushups, and V-ups. Let's just call it an "UPS" exercise. Maybe I'll wear all brown and deliver packages?

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