Tuesday, November 2, 2010

P90X Round 3! Bring it! Day 2^3

So yesterday I started round 3 of P90X. I did not put out a post, as recently I have been getting into work early to work with Germany/Belgium on some upgrades, and my work-load has been particularly high. It's amazing how hard it is to blog when you're actually busy at work! Who would have thunk?

I took a nice long, well deserved, 1-week off after finishing P90X round2... It was fantastic. I ate whatever I wanted, drank copiously, and I didn't once lift up a weight. Spectacular. Well, all of that changed yesterday. I started with a 30min run @6.5mph and then busted out a chest/back. Numbers were a bit lower than normal, but that's okay.

My diet has changed a little bit again. I am eating home made trail-mix (nuts+raisins) for breakfast instead of the regular almonds, instead of the powerbar, instead of egg whites. That's the breakfast progression. Almonds are PRETTY EXPENSIVE. So I'll have to see how long this lasts. But they're easy to prepare and are very portable for those swing-days when I need to come into work early.

I do feel like I should get back to the core of P90X and start watching the videos again. I feel as if my timing is getting too lenient and I'm not working as hard or fast as I could be, but I do prefer the gym weights and company that I have been getting at the gym, so again, it's up in the air as to how things will pan out.

Halloween? For Halloween I was a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger (the black one) I have pictures somewhere, I'll have to upload them for everyone to see. I think my costume came out really good, I put a lot of effort into it, so hopefully posting any pictures is justified.

My starting weight and photos are my Round 2 finish photos + weight (153lbs).


  1. You're super nuts for doing another round; though don't that that stop you. Best way to keep it up is to keep going. Wish I would've...I digress. Jelous (mostly just happy for you),


  2. Yay another round of P90X...bring it! I'm amazed you can still motivate yourself to do another round after one week off. I think it'll be hard for me to get back on the wagon, so that explains why I hardly take any rest day (one or 2 days top, a week?? - too dangerous haha). Keep it up. :)