Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30^3 minus 8 PLUS Thanksgiving.

Today is day 30 of my "3rd Round" of P90X which is not actually P90X, but just lifting weights in a manor to build some bulk. Last week I took off (hense the Minus eight in my title), so I guess I can consider this day 22.

I meant to post this before the Thanksgiving long weekend, but I failed in doing so... but the advice can be applied to any major holiday... perhaps cristmas/easter/thanksgiving (etc.)

The question was "How can I stick to my diet over the holidays?"

The answers are:
1. You're in charge. You make the choices. You ultimately see the food, put it on your plate, re-pick it up with your fork, put it in your mouth, chew it, swallow it. Somewhere along that chain you need to ask yourself "Am I full?" and stop.

2. HAVE THANKSGIVING. Just be a bit prudish - take 1 slice of turkey, take 1 spoon of stuffing, take 1 serving of squash... but when you're finished - you're finished.

3. Most people eat until they are in pain. How many thanksgivings have you had where you just feel bl;oated because you're over-full? Don't get that way. There's no logical need to gorge yourself silly. Skip desserts and have a normal sized portion of food. You really only need 1 bite to get the flavor - the rest is all just going ot make you sleepy and crampy anyway.

4. Watch out for gravey. A little bit goes a long way. There is no need to drown your food in brown-liquid. It's super high in sodium and only excess calories to the already high calorie meal.

5. Don't let others serve you. They dont know your diet and passing them your plate could be the nail in the coffin. *More potatoes?* is a phrase you'll want to battle by saying "Sure send them down" at which point you take only a small amount.

6. If leftovers are offered - simply say "Thats okay" or suggest somebody else who has a bigger family that has kids.

7. Alcohol - most families (at least mine) tend to drink way more than normal on holidays. Wine, beer, liquors, etc... just go dry and if you're having a hard time - have a glass of wine with dinner but dont go overboard, not only does alcohol contain a lot of diet-busting sugars and calories, but you want to be able to drive home at the end of the night too. So keep it to 1 drink, maybe 2 at most.

8. Don't sit by the snack table. Youre going to nibble - it's the way it is. Stay clear of the chips, pretzels, cheese trays, fruit platters... they're all going to tempt you to no end.

9. Go for a walk! Get outside! Nobody's going to fault you for wanting to get some fresh air with the family all yelling/screaming at eachother (again another thing my family tends to do on the holidays - perhaps it's alcohol related?)

10. REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER - if you screw up and you totally blow away your diet on Thanksgiving - don't give up on your diet and exercise. The faster you get back to dieting the better you'll be. Don't say "Oh Christmas is coming in 1 month why should I even bother" NO NO NO say "Tomorrow it's back to my normal routine and get myself back on track" Don't throw in the towel because you screwed up 1 night.

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