Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11: I'm still here!

Work has been busy, I apologize for missing some posts in the past few days. I haven't exactly been doing P90X since my last post where I swapped out YogaX for weight lifting + cardio. I've actually been hitting the weights a lot recently.

I've been asking around and a lot of people think I need to bulk up a bit more, so I am taking that advice to heart and I am hitting the weights more and more each day. I'm finding that the Jack3D is a huge bonus supplement to have right before a lifting workout. I find I can lift more, for longer, with less recovery time than if I just wing it on my own.

My current benchpress "Max" (I say max in quotes only because it's not a 1-rep max) around 195lbs. We'll see if I can get that number up to the 250range. I've gotten back on the chinup/pullup bandwagon. I've been doing brett's patented 100's. Which is 10 chinups followed immediately by 10 pushups until 100. I typically skimp a bit on the pullups, but I maintain good pushups the whole way through.

Last weekend I cheated a little on the diet. I had my parents come up to visit so we had some food that I wouldn't normally eat: Pizza, scones, muffins, etc. But my weight spiked, and then came down once I got back onto my normal diet.

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