Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12^3: Why friends are bad for diets

This is when the blog holds you most accountable, when something neat happens, but you can't be too proud of it because then everyone will know you cheated on your diet/exercise. Well, I did. So here's my story.

Friday lunch, at work, typically involves eating out at restaurants that are not P90X approved. So, I'm a stick in the mud 90% of the time and bag a lunch and take it to where we're going (obviously mom + pop shops are out of the question, but I don't mind plunking down a bagged lunch at McDonalds or Taco Bell or Pizza hut. And frankly they seem to understand). But today we went to My Tomato Pie.

This fine little Italian place in the Northern region of Buffalo is pretty well known and has some of the best pizza around. Knowing pizza is my kryptonite, I decided I might just stay at work and eat my bagged lunch (which is still sitting on my desk - hence I ultimately decided to go). A couple people wanted to split a pre-ordered pizza so we wouldn't be waiting for hours to get our food and they needed me to complete the split... the long and short of it, I went and left my lunch at work.

Well we sat down, there were 9 of us. We each ordered our drinks (water for me of course) and then ordered our food. When our food came, 8 people got their pizzas and calzones... except for 1 person. The waitress came back and asked if anyone needed refills and didn't realize 1 person didn't have anything (it also didn't help most of us were sharing). Eventually he spoke up and asked "I was just wondering - what's the status of the small chicken finger pizza?" The waitress said she'd ask and came back very apologetic "I'm so sorry, it's just being cooked now, it must have gotten mixed up... we're going to bring it out as soon as we can, and by the way it's on the house. Would you like a soup or salad to hold you over, also free?" He accepted a soup.

About 10mins later, after everyone else was pretty much done eating, his pizza came out. it was presented by the manager, or perhaps the lead-waiter. He was holding some cards in his hand. Three $10-gift cards to My Tomato Pie. He apologized and said he hoped this would make up for it. At this point, my friend was sky high - sweet free food AND $30 to come back and have some more!

The waitress was about to bring us our bill and she said, with one final attempt to make sure everyone was okay "Just to be sure, I want to offer everyone at the table an opportunity for a free dessert, if you're still hungry" she then gave us the choice of two mightily sugary options: snicker + oreo pie or a heath + kit-kat pie. Needless to say 9 out of 9 hands went up for one or the other. Dessert was served, insulin spiked, and I was very content.

I'm letting everyone know about this experience for a few reason...

1. I know I stick to a pretty hard diet, but even the temptation of friends and free food get the best of even the strongest willed now and again.
2. Fun stuff like this is always nice to talk about and I hope everyone had some fun reading about it.
3. I think the service at My Tomato Pie is outstanding. The fact they went head over heals to make sure we were content with our meals definitely makes me want to return there, even if our order got messed up.
4. Remember, cheating on your diet is like skipping an exercise. If you don't confess and get back on your diet right away things can get really slippery. Admit guilt, get over it, and get on with your fitness!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm slipping into a sugar-comma...


  1. Fun story, thanks for sharing, Carl! Obviously I'm way anal with my own diet. I usually stick eating my bagged lunch and finally realize that nobody at work ever bother to ask me out for lunch...well except for one or two once in a blue moon.

    That's so nice of My Tomato Pie to give the free dish and the gift cards. I've never experienced those whenever I went to a restaurant and the order got mixed up.

  2. I like your ending, admit guilt, get over it, & get on with your fitness. Keep on!