Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Day 90+

It seems like it has taken forever to get here, but today is my last day of P90X round 2. As I sit here eating my almond and water breakfast, I'd like to look back and reflect at what's changed since the beginning of round 2.

Well... food wise, I've swapped out fruit on the bottom yogurt for plain yogurt. Which, by the way tastes nothing like flavored yogurt and is sometimes a challenge to eat (-25g sugar). I've swapped out peanuts for almonds (I don't know the real benefit, but it sure is costing me a lot!). I've replaced my morning power bar with almonds, also.

Fitness wise, I've increased some weight, but reduced in reps in many categories, namely biceps and triceps, most of the other weight stuff is body weight and I've stayed approximately the same size (150lbs). I had some gains earlier in the summer, but recently I have fallen back to my starting weight. Foolish me for not taking my weight this morning, I was late for work, so my final weight might have to be yesterday's which was 152lbs.

Exercise wise, I started out doing P90X+ but after about 2 weeks, I started to resort back to regular P90X. Then sometime in I swapped out Plyo + Yoga + Kenpo for all weight training. And then I enlisted about 4-5 people into P90X, 2 of which work out with me at the gym so I began to do the regular program again. But then I realized some of the workouts were too hard for "beginners" so I made my own workouts that were not easier, but certainly more diverse, allowing for completion. And very recently I have been adding 3-5mile runs to my workouts, not really considering it doubles because somedays I'd swap out ab-ripperX for a run. We'll call it even.

Overall, I can definitely say the 2nd time through I was not as disciplined and/or dedicated like the first time. I think a lot of that has to do with the novelty of a new fitness program. Having done it before, I wasn't quite as "Lets do it" as I was in round 1. Also in round 2 I kept my weekends workout free. Saturday and Sunday were both rest-days, and I tried to accomodate the schedule as such. Obviously losing out on those workout days could mean lost potential results. I was okay with that.

Looking forward, I definitely want to continue with the diet. I've become 100% accustomed to it, which is fantastic because it's so simple. I don't cook anything. Ever! I'm eating mostly veggies, salad, nuts, and tuna. It's wonderful. As for exercise, I'll definitely keep helping the P90Xers that I convinced to start. Again, I still want size, so I might start doing weight lifting, we'll see. I still plan to do semi-regular or daily posts.

Tonight I will post some final photos. I'll have to take them after my final workout this afternoon which I think will be Run,Chest+Back,AbripperX "The gauntlet"


  1. Congrats on completion; I hear you on not being as dedicated for round 2. You didn't go back on any of your progress from round 1 though & should feel really good about that. I agree the diet is easy to follow & a great refresher when things have gotten a little out of control or when my food habits revert back to pre-p90x. It's fun to hear about your recruiting others & making a positive impact in their lives. Keep on, keepin on!

  2. Congratulations on finishing! And on becoming accustomed to the diet - I don't think I'll ever become accustomed to the diet 100% and I'm not sure that I want to either. It's so hard to go out with friends and have to be so choosey. I just don't think I could go the rest of my life eating this way.