Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 88+ Keep it simple (apheresis today)

I love this cartoon. It holds a lot of truth to many of us. And it doesn't always reflect just a diet, and certainly not always all at once. But I find a lot of people lack the focus to stick with something for a period of time that will show results. Is this human nature? Is it the digital generation? I'm not sure.

I do know that many people often find themselves frustrated after a week or two of a diet (or exercise plan) and say "Oh, this and that don't work" or "It's not working for me" and quickly hop off the band-wagon or find another wagon to hop on that might be completely opposite.

Don't get discouraged people. Stick with the game plan. Often one or two weeks is not nearly enough time to see good results. Sometimes dieting takes months (depending on who you are and your dedication level). Just because it didn't work immediately, doesn't me quit or drastically change your strategy. It means figure out if you're really being honest about your commitment and say to yourself "Just a few more weeks... it's still early"

For those of you who have been following regularly (I KNOW you're out there, because my hits/page has gone from 1600 to 1770 since my last post, and I've been too busy at work to maintain daily postings...which I contribute MOST of the hits) today's P90X round 2 day is 88+ and I will ABSOLUTELY 100% be posting pictures on Friday. For whatever reason I have been slacking with photos (perhaps it's partly in fear that I haven't gained much muscle and that I haven't lost much fat) I almost feel like I am the same size. But let this be my confession to the world - FRIDAY OCT. 22nd, afternoon, I will have pictures posted, for better or worse.

And I will probably start yet another round or perhaps some kind of hybrid P90X/Training system with my co-workers who have been working out with me. I'll also continue to be very active on Yahoo! Answers. I really enjoy posting solutions to people's health problems.

Anyway! Apheresis tonight, so no workout schedule for this afternoon.

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  1. Can't wait for the photo's; you see yourself everyday, so I'm sure you don't notice as much of a difference. I'm sure everyone else does/will. And don't forget the internal transformation that you're not able to see. The positive health impacts have to outweigh being a little more cut in appearance, you know? I wondered where you went...nice to see another cartoon & post from you!