Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 80+ Ten days left!

Who doesn't look forward to the last 10 days!? I certainly do. It's a little more than a week away, but it should line me up nicely for a Saturday finish! P90X round 2 is nearing completion, but the Canadian thanks-giving is sneaking it's ugly head around the corner (next Monday). Let's hope I don't blow it in the final week.

Halloween is just around the corner. I'm thinking POWER RANGERS this year... I haven't started making a costume yet, but I think it will go over amazingly well. Last year, Mickey mouse... and the year before Sub-Zero.

Weighed 152lbs this morning, with clothes on. No major changes there. I'm going to start tappin' into my almonds on a more regular basis. Put the peanuts to the curb for a bit, even though almonds are way more expensive than peanuts...Circuit/Cardio today.


  1. So what's next when you finish round 2? A break? Just continue? Congrats to you!

  2. Congratulations!!! Best of luck with your last week! How does it feel to almost be done - will you keep up with the diet afterwards or are you ready to eat everything you haven't eaten in the last 90 days? Good Luck continuing to stay fit!

    Oh and the Power Rangers sounds like an awesome idea for halloween - you should get a bunch of friends together and go as the entire group!

  3. Wow time flies and you're almost done with round 2. As others asked, what'll be your next? Maybe you should give a try? hehe